These 5 Editing Apps Are Seriously Changing the Instagram Game

5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game | Obviously Twinning

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and yes, it’s becoming more and more difficult to build a following but I still love it. Instagram is where I get my daily dose of creativity and inspiration. For me, It’s a platform to share new content with a wide range of people. So, I try to find time to contribute to the beautiful chaos whenever I can and when I do I like to post photos I can be proud of, you know, in case the Instagram algorithm changes overnight and the odds are suddenly in my favor.

There are hundreds of photo editing apps out there that will promise to make your photos look perfect for the gram. It’s a big app store and if you’re like me your probably getting a headache just thinking about all the options. Don’t worry! A lot of those apps are ok but there are a few really amazing, unique apps that are truly changing the Insta-editing game. Here are five editing apps you need in your life today.

1.) VSCO

5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game -VSCO | Obviously Twinning

I know, I know! You’re probably tired of hearing about this app and I promised you this list wouldn’t be loaded with apps you’ve already heard about. I’m holding true to that but…VSCO is indeed as good as you’ve heard it is. All the positive buzz surrounding this app is well deserved. In case you haven’t heard, VSCO is an editing app created by Visual Supply Company. The widely popular app allows users to pick from a large selection of adjustable filters and effects for photos and (If you Purchase VSCO X) videos too. I love using this app to edit ALL my photos! It gives me the vintage feel I love + there’s a built-in community that is more focused on curation than followers and likes.


5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game -Huji Cam | Obviously Twinning

HUJI Cam is my new favorite app and that’s not just because celebrities and influencers like Selena Gomez and Mackenzie Ziegler have been low-key using the app for months now. The app developers promise to “make your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories” and that they do. I could easily compare Huji Cam photos with my 90’s baby photos, there’s a  striking similarity between two images taken nearly 20 years apart. I’m such a nostalgic person and this app really allows me to embrace that.  Huji Cam isn’t necessarily an editing app but it’s a wonderful addition to the editing process. Huji pairs well with every app on this list but it also excels at creating those ‘one of a kind’, caught-in-the-moment, straight to Instagram, photos. It’s the app we’ve all been waiting for!

3.) SNOW

5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game -Snow | Obviously Twinning

I stumbled upon this little gem while scrolling endlessly through the photography category in the app store. Snow is an augmented reality app like Snapchat but better. This app allows you to add cute filters, augmented reality stickers, create music videos, you name it! It’s fun to play with and once you pick it up it’s incredibly difficult to put down. I love using the analog and VHS filters to film daily moments for Instagram stories.


5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game -Snapseed | Obviously Twinning

Snapseed isn’t the newest app in the Instagram editing game but it is the most useful. This app has some filters but it’s best features are its adjustment tools. Snapseed is basically what I like to call a Full-Time photo editor, mostly because you can compare some of its features to top photo editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop. I religiously use Snapseed’s selective tool to even the lighting and fix the contrast in my photos.


5 Editing Apps Changing the Instagram Game - Lens Distortions | Obviously Twinning

Lens Distortions is the perfect app for finishing touches. This app allows you to use realistic filters to create lens distortions like fog, light hits, bokeh, and more. My favorite filter is the luminary filter! All Lens Distortion filters are adjustable and you can use more than one filter for each photo. If you want to give your Instagram photos a more professional look, this is the app for you!

What are your go-to photo editing apps for editing Instagram?


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