A Spring Style Wishlist

Spring Wishlist

I know Spring style is meant to be fun and colorful and full of floral prints but that’s never been me. My wardrobe is quite neutral and if a little color finds it’s way into my life, it’s usually a consequence of some reckless shopping trip I’ve had with my sister. As it happens, I hardly even noticed the lack of color before I sat down to create this wishlist but I’ve decided that I like it. I’ll embrace the neutral for now and if at some point a little color decides to wiggle its way into my wardrobe, maybe I’ll embrace that too.

In the past few weeks, I’ve come across some pretty dreamy pieces. I’ve been pinning things to my Personal Style Pinterest Board non-stop. Lately, I’ve been really into blazers and statement t-shirts! I found a boho maxi dress that nearly brought me to tears (Que the Dramatics!) and I discovered a really amazing apparel shop, MY SISTER. I really love mysister.org! They donate a portion of their profits to fight sex trafficking plus their products are ethically sourced and made with environmentally friendly practices.

This wishlist is full of things I wish I could add to my wardrobe like yesterday. Down below, I’ve listed the links to the items above. I love spring, my favorite part is waking up to find that suddenly all the flowers have bloomed. What’s your favorite season and why? Comment down below.



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