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Ivana Lee on a New York City Roof Top Photographed by Ayonna Lee

Game of Thrones Star, Gwendoline Christie In New York City photographed by Ayonna LeeIn early April, Ivana and I surprised our mother with tickets to the morning talk show “The View” and we were all super excited. We booked a hotel room, packed an overnight bag, and drove all the way up to New York City. We were lucky enough to spend a little less about 24 hours in the city that never sleeps. Every time I’m in NYC, I spend half my time looking up at the architecture and the other half completely entranced by the people walking around on the busy city street. The people are always in a rush to go somewhere, which makes me want to do a million things in a day!

On this particular trip, my sister and I were taking an insane amount of photos. We photographed People, buildings, food, you name it. We were also filming constantly for a vlog on our YouTube channel. So, we’ve just left a live taping of “The View” and we now find ourselves, driving around, midday, in this city that hardly ever sleeps so naturally we start filming and photographing everything.

We’re taking all these photos and filming when I notice a couple holding hands. I thought to myself “that’s adorable. I have to take a photo!” and before I could say anything Ivana is taking the photo I was thinking about taking. In that moment we had no idea who we were photographing, we just took the photo and thought nothing of it. Later that night we drive home, a 6-7 hour car ride, I look at these photos a number of times and fail to recognize anything or anyone special.

When we reviewed them after a few much needed hours of rest, there it was….A photo Gwendolyn Christie from Game of Thrones! In the photo, she’s holding hands with her beau, British Fashion designer, Giles Deacon. I googled photos of them to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and then I freaked out! I was running around my house telling my parents that Ivana had captured a celebrity. It wasn’t  just any celebrity, it was an actress from one of my favorite television shows.

Gwendolyn Christie is an actress from the U.K. best known for her role as “Brienne of Tarth” in Game of Thrones. You may also recognize Gwendolyn from the last hunger games film “Mocking Jay part 2”  or recent Star Wars films. I just really love her; ever since I watched her first episode of Game of Thrones, I’ve felt inspired to pursue my dream. I’d like to be as good at acting as she is someday.  She was right there and we were so busy taking photos and filming that we didn’t even notice her.

We visited The View, completed our first travel vlog in nearly a year, took some cool photos, and it still feels like we missed out on something. Maybe, we missed out on an amazing opportunity to seize the day and live in the moment. There’s also that sinking feeling that I missed out on the opportunity to meet Brienne of Tarth aka Gwendolyn Christie! So please remember to live in the moment! It’s fun to take photos but don’t get caught up in that, you could miss out on something really amazing.

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