Review: ‘Love Simon’ a Modern Coming of Age Classic

'Love, Simon' Review : A Modern Coming of Age Classic

‘Love, Simon’ is the best coming of age, drama, rom-com film you will see this year or maybe even this decade. Directed by Greg Berlanti and written by Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker, and Becky Albertalli, ‘Love, Simon’ is no doubt a modern classic. The film centers around Simon, a closeted gay high school senior who falls for an anonymous student code-named Blue. When another student finds Simon and Blue’s emails… This isn’t a spoiler review so I’ll just say that there’s blackmail involved and leave it at that.

My interest in filmmaking always jades my ability to write reviews. Mostly because, when I watch films I spend 80% of the time in complete wonder at the sheer magic that is filmmaking. I tend to pay very close attention to the editing and cinematography. I admit I can be quite critical of the technical aspects of filmmaking but when I find myself walking into a rom-com I expect it will be easy to abandon the tech specs and just enjoy the ride. However, while I sat in the theatre watching ‘Love, Simon’ I found it incredibly difficult NOT to pay attention to the editing and cinematography. It was SO UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD!


Thoughts on Greg Berlanti's 'Love, Simon'

In the film, Simon’s imaginations, hopes, and desires come to life thanks to clever use of color and near-perfect editing. Even though I spend a great deal of time thinking about cinematography I also have other interests. I, like most moviegoers, love when writing and acting are excellent too. When I watch films, no matter what genre, I always hope to find myself mesmerized by groundbreakingly beautiful acting performances and ‘Love, Simon’ just kept giving me those. Side Note: Jennifer Garner is incredible in this! She has a scene in the end that is some of the best Acting, you’ll catch in the entire film.

The acting in this film is quite good and it’s very well written. That’s probably thanks to the fact that two of the writers on this film (Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker) are executive producers/co-showrunners of NBC’s “This is Us” and Becky Albertalli is the author of the original novel. Small Note: This film became an instant classic the second someone mentioned Wafflehouse.


The Wafflehouse scene where Martin (Logan Miller) tells Abby (Alexandra Shipp) that she deserves more and they stand up in the booth and scream it at the top of their lungs made me feel like this film would fit right in with an 80’s John Hughes teenage flick. ‘Love, Simon’ is the modern teenage rom-com classic that a lot of people have been nostalgically waiting for. I was waiting for a film to come along in my generation that could be compared to those classic 80’s & 90’s teenage films and it feels like  Greg Berlanti has finally done it. Greg Berlanti has created a modern, mainstream feature-length film with a gay teenage protagonist and characters that people of all ages can empathize with, laugh with, cry with, and most importantly, relate to. ‘Love, Simon’ comes out in theatres nationwide, March 16th. 


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