My Experience: Attending a Live Taping of The View

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Earlier this year, I went to see a live taping of The View in New York City, Here is the story of how it came to be and how it actually was!

Reserving The Tickets

Image of woman holding tickets to the View ABC photo by Ayonna Lee

It was a few days before my Moms’ birthday in March. My sister Ayonna and I were wondering what we could give her, that would mean more than just a silly card.  Then it popped into my head that we had already planned a trip to New York in early April, as we’ve been doing every year recently. I came up with the Idea to try and reserve tickets to her favorite show, The View. The tickets were free, so that was a plus! With Hopeful thoughts, I went to the casting website and entered to reserve tickets.

Three days passed, and on the morning of March 11, 2017 (My mother’s Birthday) I woke up to an email from 1iota, the website used to reserve tickets. I was sure that they were emailing to tell me that there were no more tickets available. When I opened my Gmail app, there it was, clear as day, an email that read “It’s time to reserve your 1iota tickets”. The moment was so surreal. Ayonna and I  both stood there in awe for a moment. We went online, reserved the tickets for April 7, 2017, and tried to stay quiet about it. Since it was our mom’s birthday, we had to find a cool way to surprise her.

Ayonna came up with the idea to create a homemade card, like when we were kids. The card looked as though a child actually made it. If we were going to surprise her, it had to be real. Anyway, we gave her the card and told her this whole story about how ashamed we were.We supposedly felt bad for not getting her a gift.We told her all about how we just threw this card together the night before.

Inside the card, we put the line ” Take a little time to enjoy the view”. As she read the line, she looked up at us, and screams, “YOU GOT THE TICKETS!!”. In that moment I had hoped she forgot my telling her about possibly attempting to get tickets. Ayonna looked at her with excitement and confirmed that we were going to see a live taping of the View.

My Experience on The View

At the View
First Impressions

On April 7th, 2017, we woke up at our hotel in Chelsea. Waking up in NYC is a really amazing feeling. New York is the city that never sleeps, The Big Apple. It’s the If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere place and I’m little more than slightly obsessed with the whole idea of it, I love it more than most things.We all got dressed, my sister and I did our makeup and hair, and we got in our car to head over to ABC studios. We arrive and there is a line of people.

Remembering it now, I thought we would be waiting for that longest time, the wait was actually short. It was super cool walking into ABC studios. Walking through those doors made me think of my future and all of the things that might bring me back there someday. When I get my first big movie or release my first Album, I want the View to be the first stop on the Press Tour!

There was a Starbucks in the building and they even had a set up where you can take your photo like your at a premiere. Everyone working at the studio was so kind and cheery. They ran a trivia game with prizes. My mom actually won a Doctor Strange movie download. I mean, she knows everything there is to know about The View.

Behind the Scenes

The whole behind the scene experience is a once in a lifetime moment for some people. It was super cool to see how they run the cameras. As we headed to the set, we got to see the set for The Chew on the way.  My second favorite talk show is The Chew, so a small freak-out was defiantly in order! Seeing all of the cool camera rigs and key lights really got us really intrigued as filmmakers. It was such an amazing learning experience. We were seated mid-way to the stage.

The man who was running everything explained how the audience members should clap and respond to what the hosts are saying, and that was super interesting. I loved learning how everything works behind the scenes and I learned so much!


The Live-Taping Experience

The live- taping experience was so awesome! Seeing all the cast, and hearing their opinions live was something I’ll never forget. Kurt Russell was on the show that day and there were a huge Shimmer and Shine giveaway. During the commercial breaks, you could raise your hand and ask the hosts questions. I feel like I have some sort of connection or bond with the cast and crew of The View now, even though I didn’t speak to them directly. It’s just a feeling you get, everyone on the cast and the crew, and even me, the audience is working for toward one goal, to put on the best show possible.

Take away

This whole experience started with an idea, we took that idea and turned it into so much more than that. It’s a positive memory that my family will always have to look back on. It’s moments like those ones when I saw the biggest smiles on my parent’s faces when  I saw wonder and intrigue expel from my sister’s eyes. Those moments mean everything.

I’ll never get over telling people that I saw Kurt Russell live on The View and that Joy Behar really looks exactly the same in real life, they all do. Going to a live-taping of The View helped me realize my potential. If I can make it on The View, I can make it anywhere!

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