What I Learned From My First Audition in 3 Years

Acting Books photographed by Ayonna Lee

At the start of this month, I had an audition! The audition was for a community theatre production of Robert Askins’ “Hand to God”. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to audition. I spent weeks convincing myself it was a good idea only to change my mind every chance I got. It had been nearly three […]

Catching Up: 5 Things That Cheered Me Up This Month (March/April)

Ayonna Lee Holding "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball" Signed by Gillian Anderson

The Month Of March/April – When thinking of the past month of my life I can’t really resite my emotional state. I’m not sure how I felt emotionally during March but as I’m sitting down to write this post there are a few happy + positive things that are popping up so here are the […]

10 Things I’m Grateful for Today

photo of Ivana Lee with her Nephews, photographed by Ayonna Lee for ObviouslyTwinning.com

“Gratitude has the power to transform everything: our perceptions, our experiences, and our state of mind” -We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere (Gillian Anderson + Jennifer Nadel) A few weeks ago I started reading a wonderful book written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel, titled ‘We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere“. I’ve only read 1/3 of the […]

10 Lifestyle Changes To Make If You Care About The Environment

Wendy's Drink photo taken by Ayonna Lee

I’m not the greenest person on the planet but I want to be better. I made this list of lifestyle changes not just for you but also for me! I have to admit sometimes being green is the last thing that crosses my mind. Last year when I started seeing a nutritionist, which prompted me […]

The Coolest Small Talk I Ever Had to Make

Photo of Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams Perform "Blackbird" at the Belasco Theatre in New York City, Take by Ayonna Lee

Flashback to a freezing cold April night in NYC, April 2016. Imagine scurrying across the hustle and bustle of the crowded Broadway street holding hands with your sister. It’s your first time being unleashed in the greatest city in the world. For a second you imagine what it would be like to skip the show […]

Review: ‘Love Simon’ a Modern Coming of Age Classic

'Love, Simon' Review : A Modern Coming of Age Classic

‘Love, Simon’ is the best coming of age, drama, rom-com film you will see this year or maybe even this decade. Directed by Greg Berlanti and written by Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker, and Becky Albertalli, ‘Love, Simon’ is no doubt a modern classic. The film centers around Simon, a closeted gay high school senior who falls for an […]

5 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Makeup photo from Obviously Twinning Blog

5 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now I’ve been trying a ton of new beauty products recently and they have all been really amazing for the most part. Today I’m sharing with you 5 beauty products that I’m loving right now! 1. No.7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser This cleanser is a gel that turns into […]

What It’s Like To Have OCD and How To Understand It

What It’s Like To Have OCD and How To Understand It  I’ve been struggling with OCD for a little while now. I’m not aware of when it started or why it’s here, but I’ve recently been in therapy trying to fix the problem as much as I possibly can. When you first tell people that […]