Top 8 Most Instagrammable Places to Eat Sweet in Los Angeles

Photo of pastries from mr. homesbakehouse
Today we’re going to tell you our top 8 most Instagram-Worthy places to grab something sweet in Los Angeles, California! You, yes you! could possibly have the most beautiful and amazing Instagram ever just by visiting these places with a camera. This post is definitely one your going to wanna share with your friends so click that share button and let all your friends know how they can achieve Instagram goals too!
Number 1: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Photo of Mr.Holmes Bakehouse in Highland Park. California
Highland Park Location in Los Angeles

If ever there was a perfect place to grab fresh boxes of yummy, beautiful, sweet treats that would not only make your taste buds sing but also light up your Instagram feed, it would definitely be Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles, California! They literally have every pastry.Doughnuts? Cruffins? You name it they have it! What is a cruffin you might ask? Well, it’s a croissant and a muffin all in one, and I imagine that it is as wonderful as it sounds!

Photo of the Cruffin at Mr.Holmes Bakehouse In California
San Francisco Location

So what is it about Mr. Holmes Bakehouse that makes it Instagram goals? Maybe its the magical looking pastries placed perfectly in boxes that read “I got Baked in Los Angeles” or maybe it has something to do with the dazzling neon sign that reads “I got Baked in Los Angeles”. Maybe I just want to get baked in Los Angeles!

 All jokes aside, It’s not only the pastries and treats that make me want to hop on a plane right now and head out to L.A. it’s more than that, because when it comes to Mr.Holmes Bake House the atmosphere, the Decor, the magical looking pastries placed perfectly in the box… all work together to  create  sheer Instagram magic!

mr holmes bakehouse


If your not in L.A or visiting L.A than it’s your lucky day because you can also get Baked in Seoul and leave your cruffin in San Francisco. There are also two locations in L.A.!






Photo of pastries from mr holmes bakery

 Number 2: Little Damage

Little Damage is number two on our list not only because of its clever name but also because of the Black charcoal ice cream cone that little damage is known for! The aesthetic of this place fits perfectly with the ice cream! You can get the coolest photo in front of their wall that reads, “I licked it, so it’s mine! #littledamage”. We just love it so much and we know that you will too, your Instagram feed will definitely benefit from little damage too!
Photo in at Little Damage Ice Cream in Los Angeles, California
Photo from
According to their website ( “Little Damage is a small family-owned business,”  they draw their “Inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes Los Angeles special”(
Their local ingredients come from local organic dairy farmers and their black cones are naturally colored using activated charcoal! For all of the Vegans out there they always have at least one vegan option in the rotation of flavors! If you can make it to Los Angeles than you definitely should, this is one special spot you’re not going to want your Instagram feed to miss out on!
Little Damage Los Angeles



Little Damage Los Angeles

Number 3: Milk Tavern

Sorry kids! This next one is for adults only! Milk Tavern is a different kind of ice cream shop! And when we say different we mean it in the best way! According to their Instagram account, Milk tavern is basically an innovative playground for adults! Milk Tavern offers boozy ice cream, it’s a great hangout spot, and they have a pretty impressive cereal bar! This place will have, not only your Instagram feed but also your Instagram stories looking fun-filled and spectacular. It’s a place that will inspire your inner older kid to let loose and have fun. All of your followers will be asking where they can go to get photos and experiences like yours!



Milk tavern los angeles milk tavern los angeles

Number 4: Bumsan Organic Milk Bar


For all of the people out there who love to eat organic, I know that I do! Organic food is always a fantastic choice and when it comes to ice cream shops, Bumsan Organic Milk Bar has to be one of the cutest places to find organic ice cream. This aesthetically pleasing soft serve ice cream shop that sells 100% organic ice cream is an absolute gem in the foodie lovers playbook!  The bright, clean, minimalist interior and highly Instagrammable pink walls, paired with the super-cute, swirly, organic ice cream are more than enough to make your feed look both impressive and attractive to new followers! 

Photo of organic ice cream cone from Bumsan Organic Milk Bar in California
Photo from
According to their website Bumsan Organic Milk Bar uses dairy products that are non-GMO, antibiotic free, and 100% USDA organic certified.With customizable cones and unique organic flavors like their original “true milk”, It’s hard not to get an amazing photo at this location!





Number 5: Wanderlust Creamery


Photo from


Wanderlust Creamery is is a super cool and unique ice cream shop in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for original ice cream flavors and the perfect Instagram Photo than you should definitely check out Wanderlust Creamery! According to their website (, their flavors are inspired by their own feelings of wanderlust.

Wanderlust (noun) – a strong desire to travel



Aside from unique flavors, Wanderlust Creamery has some of the most beautiful and perfect Instagram ice cream photos. They have a very light aesthetic which gives them major points in our book. At Wanderlust Creamery, they give you perfect scoops of ice cream stacked perfectly on top of each other. All of the different colors and flavors, make this spot a must visit whenever you’re in Los Angeles. I mean, where else can you get scoops upon scoops of Ice Cream topped onto one cone that has super specific flavors and colors inspired by different memories and places around the world, only at Wanderlust Creamery.


Photo of ice cream cone from wanderlust creamery in California
Photo from






Number 5: California Donuts

California Donuts is an amazing and creative doughnut place in Los Angeles. You can get some awesome doughnut photos here. They sell classic, specialty, and custom doughnuts, all of which are highly Instagrammable. These doughnuts are just the cutest donuts ever, and while they look good, I assume that they taste even better. They have a ton of photogenic flavors, it’s going to be nearly impossible not to get the perfect Instagram photo at this spot.

Photo of donuts from California donuts in California
Photo from


Aside from donuts, this super cool donuts shop also sells croissants, baked goods, hot drinks, and iced drinks, all of which are Instagrammable in their own right.


Photo of Instagrammable lettered donuts from California donuts
Photo from

The custom letter donuts are one of the coolest things about California donuts! Lettered donuts are highly original and will definitely stand out on your Instagram feed. Whenever you need something both Instagrammable and sweet you can head on over to California Donuts at pretty much anytime, seeing as how they are open 24 hours!








Number 7: Churro Borough 


Churro Borough will probably have your Instagram followers asking, what is that, and where can I get it? This place is super original and different from anything that you will see on the regular when your scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Photo of the Instagrammable churro ice cream sandwich from churro borough in california
Photo from


 If you love churros than this spot is a must visit whenever you’re in Los Angeles! The churro ice cream sandwich is so unique and out of the box. It’s sure to give you a stunning photo of your Instagram feed along with a stunning memory for your taste buds. There are tons cool flavors and toppings to try out and Churro Borough sets the bar pretty high for Instagrammable Ice Cream Shops!








NUMBER 8: Magpies Softserve


Photo of Instagrammable Ice Cream from Magpies Softserve In California
Photo from


Magpies Softserve is last but certainly not least on this list. This Ice Cream shop is super Instagrammable because of the beautiful ice cream and amazing aesthetic.  Bright interior is always a plus, and having a cool wall to take awesome photos always adds a little cherry on top! Magpies Softserve is for every Instagram foodie professional and amateur alike and with a photo at this ice cream shop, heightened likes is a very big possibility!



Photo of Ice Cream from Magpies Softserve In California
Photo from



According to their website ( “Magpies Softserve is a scratch recipe soft serve dessert shop.” 

With authentic original flavors, beautiful interior, and a camera of your own, you can get some pretty amazing Instagram photos!







Photo of Ice Cream from Magpies Softserve In California
Photo from


Those are the top 8 most Instagram Worthy places to eat sweet in Los Angeles. Whether you’re in the mood for pastries, donuts, or even a churro ice cream sandwich, you can get an amazing Instagram photo to go along with it! Share this with all of your friends on social media to give them some Instagram pointers too! Bye!


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