Trends We’re Loving for Fall 2017

Fall Trends 2017, Autumn 2017 Image of Ivana Lee photographed by Ayonn Lee

Lifestyle Blog, Obviously Twinning - Fall Trends 2017, Autumn 2017 Image of Ivana Lee photographed by Ayonna Lee

I Know, I know! Fall is just about over. Thanksgiving will be here soon and the next day everyone will be sipping hot chocolate, hanging Christmas decorations, and searching for the perfect winter coat. Don’t get me wrong, the Holidays are the best time of year but Autumn is my favorite season. The trees are changing colors, leggings are suddenly acceptable to wear everywhere, and it finally feels right to order hot coffee drinks at Starbuck! All of these things are super fun and the best part of Fall is the fashion. This year I’ve seen a few trends that are really easy to take on and super fun to style so of course Ayonna and I took some of the most popular fall trends into considerations while prepping for our latest photoshoot.

For this photoshoot, we incorporated a few runway trends by adding layers and wearing floral prints. We’re wearing leggings under floral print skater dresses layered with sweaters and jackets. Layering is one of the reoccurring Fall trends that I love because literally never goes out of style and keeps you warm as the weather changes. Floral Print is super fun to play with so I was thrilled to have the chance to wear it before winter arrives.

Lifestyle Blog Obviously Twinning - Fall Fashion Trends 2017, Layering, Floral Prints. -Lifestyle Blogger " Ayonna Lee" photographed by "Ivana Lee"

Lifestyle Blog Obviously Twinning - Ayonna Lee Photographed by Ivana Lee, Fall Trends 2017


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