Trying Pho For The First Time

A while back, we ventured a little bit out of our comfort zone to try something, we’d never tried before. To do this we needed to make our way to a local Vietnamese restaurant that served Pho. We first heard about Pho while watching one of our favorite YouTube channels, KKandBabyJ. Khoa talks about it all the time and we finally decided to find a way to try it.

Photo taken by Ayonna Lee of Pho 79 In Virginia Beach


If you don’t know what Pho is or what it tastes like, don’t feel worried. We also had zero ideas about what type of Pho we’d ordering or what it would even taste like. We were winging it, on a super small adventure. On the drive there we wondered if the Boba Tea would be blended or iced. We also questioned what the point of this blog post and vlog for our channel would be. We came to the conclusion that the post would be about the importance of expanding your horizons and trying new things even when it seems like there aren’t very many new things to try.

You can start small with something like this. Twin sisters, in a restaurant they’ve never been to. Sitting across from each other, laughing for the first time in weeks, trying something new. And this is how it starts. One tiny adventure, and then another. And before you know it,  you’re off to see the world, and your crossing borders you never thought you’d cross. Today it’s Vietnamese cuisine, tomorrow it’s London or France.

Photo of Pho at Pho 79 taken by Ayonna Lee

Going in we had no idea how to actually use chop-sticks. But, I think we adjusted pretty well. According to Pho is a Vietnamese soup made of beef or chicken stock with rice noodles and thin slices of beef or chicken. I (Ivana) had chicken Pho and Ayonna had shrimp pho.

Photo of Chicken Pho and boba tea at Pho 79 taken by Ayonna Lee             Photo of Shrip Pho and boba tea at Pho 79 taken by Ayonna Lee

The day ended perfectly by the way, just as we were about to head home for the night, the sun came out and there was a beautiful sunset just over the horizon. We just kind of stood there in awe, taking photos and videos for at least ten minutes. We live for stuff like this. Always remember to do things you haven’t! Bye!

Oh, and Khoa was right by the way, everyone should try Pho, it’s really good!


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