We Turned 22 Years Old: Let’s Reflect!

Blogger Birthday Photo Taken by Ayonna Lee

We Turned 22 Years Old: Let’s Reflect!

On the eve of my 22 birthday, I sit with my laptop on my lap writing a blog post for all of the Internet to read. Every year, I like to reflect on the year before and look forward to what’s coming up, here we go.

The Past Year

At age 21 I can’t say that we really did anything too different but, I guess we could pat ourselves on the back for a few things. Let’s Reflect.

Photo of Ivana Lee (Blogger) Taken By Ayonna Lee


In 2017, success on YouTube was defiantly something that we were hoping for. Our YouTube Channel has grown from 500 to 11,200 Subscribers and counting. A popular video on our channel reached 1.7 million views and our lifetime video views reached 2.6 million and counting. We couldn’t believe our eyes as it was happening. We hope for even more success on YouTube this year!


Photo of Ayonna Lee Blogger

We started blogging this year and we are so glad that we did. Being a part of the blogging community has been amazing and we really love it so very much. Blogging has been a really great creative outlet that allows us to connect with people all over the world.

Acting and Music

Photo of Bloggers Birthday Taken by Ayonna Lee


We were so focused on YouTube and the blog that we didn’t really have a lot of time to pursue acting and music. I ended up writing a new album this year. That makes album number two and counting! Breaking into the entertainment industry at 22 would be really amazing, here’s to doing that!

Film Making

Ayonna’s been working on her screenplay and that’s been a really good experience for her. Here’s to her finishing it and finding a way for the world to experience it. I’ve been working on my musical and I’m pretty sure I want it to be on Broadway someday, when its done, baby steps.

Health & Fitness

Photo or fruit Infused water


Recently, we’ve been working on our health and fitness and we are really proud of that. Nutrition along with Physical and Mental Health has been and will continue to be very important to us. Here’s to always keeping up with Health and Fitness.


We’re 22

Twins Ivana and Ayonna Lee 22nd Birthday Photo from ObviouslyTwinning Blog

So, we’re officially 22 and we’ve got so many exciting things we look forward to doing this year! Thank you for supporting this blog and joining us on our journey! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive our Newsletter in your email!

Comment down below: WHATS ONE THING YOUR PROUD OF?


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Chocolate Birthday Cake With Candles taken by Ayonna Lee

Ivana and Ayonna Lee Birthday Photo

Photo of Chocolate Birthday Cake taken by Ayonna Lee

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